BUPA’s “How Are You Britain” report indicates that almost half of the country’s workforce is less than happy. In a poll of over 2,000 people, 49% said they were feeling “unfulfilled” in their jobs, and 21% were annoyed by a lack of career progression. The health insurer is therefore recommending some simple changes that can make a big difference, starting out with healthcare advice and support for employees.

Subsidised fitness facilities, either on or off-site, can also raise the spirits and employers can easily enhance the working day by providing free fruit. BUPA’s clinical director occupational health, Dr Jenny Leeser, comments: “Dissatisfaction at work can lead to problems for businesses with employees taking more sick days than necessary … as well as looking at job content, there are a few simple health–related changes companies can take to minimise short-term absence, improve productivity and maintain good health and wellbeing among the workforce.”

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