Specialist Insurance for Members of the Aluminium Federation
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A strong and distinct voice in the insurance market

The insurance market is intensely competitive and insurance brokers come in many shapes or sizes. Some exist by competing solely on price and their depth of services may often be very shallow and the quality of their advice and level of understanding limited.

If you find buying insurance time consuming and tend to buy primarily on price, you could be putting your business at risk in the event of a catastrophic incident. The annual insurance renewal process is critical and it is absolutely essential that it is right, otherwise you might overpay at best – or worst – ruin the business when a major loss turns out to be underinsured or uninsured.

So we encourage all members to speak to us about the ALFED Insurance facility which is exclusive to members of the Aluminium Federation. We not only provide comprehensive cover and competitive premiums, we also have many years experience in the metals industry to provide you with the reassurance that the cover we are offering is more than adequate for your business needs .

As a member of the Aluminium Federation, your review will include a three stage approach called "Match" which directly matches your risk type and insurers risk appetite to your insurance programme.

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Stage One – Understanding Your Business:

  • We work closely with you to understand your business, its goals and risk exposures
  • We understand where your business currently stands in the management of risk and where it
    is looking to improve
  • We work closely with you to
    ensure we are supporting you on all fronts – protecting your assets and limiting your liabilities

Stage Two – Design and Placement:

  • We "Match" the insurance programme to your business as it stands today with a view to how it will evolve in the coming years

  • We create a competitive market
    by raising your profile and differentiating you from other
    risks in your sector, all within a methodical project managed framework
Stage Three – Provide Quality Service:

  • Our transparent services will be agreed with you upfront
  • 24/7 Support
  • Risk Management & Health and Safety Support
  • Provide a dedicated team with capacity, knowledge and passion for your business
  • Deliver a full claims service including the transfer to us of current outstanding claims

As an added incentive, all members that use the insurance scheme and appoint Andrew Bourne & Co as their insurance advisors will be entitled to 10% off their primary membership fee in the first year. Full terms and conditions are available here

For further information please email or call 0116 272 0770
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